Jerome Walker

Personal Fitness Coach & Founder of CoachNme CoachNu

It’s time to achieve all your health goals with a personal fitness coach. Learn the benefits

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About Jerome Walker: Personal Fitness Coach

I’m Jerome Walker, founder of CoachNme CoachNu, here to help you achieve your health goals as your personal fitness coach.  I understand all the fundamentals of sports, fitness, and nutritional knowledge as I was a coach and mentor of college athletics.

As I transitioned away from coaching team sports, I had a continued passion for educating others regarding how just simply stretching would add value to their well-being. This strong desire to help others look and feel younger is what led me on my journey to become both a personal fitness coach online and an in-person coach here in Atlanta.

My Journey to Rejuvenation

My journey throughout athletics, coaching, mentoring, and daily life has educated me on the benefits of being in shape. I realize the immediate world around me seems to NOT be in shape or even interested in the quality of life over the second half of their life span.

I understand we’re all getting older, but I refuse to feel old.  I want others to feel rejuvenated and youthful regardless of age. After all, age is just a number; it’s how we feel that is important. All this experience over the course of my life is what led me to be a personal fitness coach, specializing in stretchology.

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What is Stretchology?

At CoachNme CoachNu, we specialize in stretchology — the belief that we all need to practice an array of stretches so that our whole body gets engaged and challenged physically and mentally.

Stretching can help keep muscles, joints, and connecting tissues strong and healthy. Effective stretching is often part of a workout that gets overlooked. That is not the case at CoachNme CoachNu! We see the value of strething when added to a workout and also as an exercise in itself.

Without proper stretching exercises, as muscles shorten and tighten, they become weak and unable to fully extend when called upon. Stretching can help alleviate back pain, muscle spasms, sciatica, and fatigue, as well as reduce both physical and mental tension.

Personalized Stretchology Sessions

Through our personalized sessions, we can work on increased flexibility and range of motion, prevent aches and pains, minimize injuries, improve performance, as well as learn ways to relax and rejuvenate.

The satisfaction I gain from enlightening others is priceless. This is what personally keeps me going, one session, one client, even one stretch at a time. Learn more about Our Services and prices.

Personal Online Fitness Coach

If you don’t live in the Atlanta area, that’s no problem. I also specialize in online fitness training, so you can learn all of my stretchology techniques no matter where you’re located. Get all the benefits of having a personal fitness coach from the comfort of your own home.

Feel free to Contact Us with any questions about stretchology and your personal fitness goals.  We look forward to speaking with you!