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Personal Fitness Training Programs With Stretchology

Personal fitness training programs are available in Atlanta or online with CoachNme CoachNu.

Personal Fitness Training Programs

Personal fitness training programs are available in Atlanta with CoachNme CoachNu. We also offer virtual sessions if you can’t make it to the gym or if you live out of the area. Achieve your fitness goals from anywhere!

Once initial assessments have been identified, all one-on-one sessions with me can be in person or virtual as frequently as desired. You’ll have access to a mobile fitness and tracking application for additional support and engagement. Learn more about my background and experience as a fitness coach.

Why Do You Need Personal Fitness Training?

Sure, you can exercise on your own but there’s many health benefits to joining a personal fitness training program:

Increases Accountability

One of the most challenging things about keeping up with a workout routine is actually working out! Working with a trainer keeps you motivated to meet your goals.

Learn Something

A personal trainer isn’t just there to keep you motivated; you’ll learn different fitness techniques and can discuss topics like how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You’ll Get an Individualized Plan

Find out what workouts work best for you. A trainer can suggest exercises that are a good fit for your body, schedule, and fitness goals.

Helps with Setting Goals

People often join fitness clubs as a New Year’s resolution or as a “buddy” with a friend. Rarely do these scenarios work out because there is no good plan or sense of commitment. A personal trainer can help you set health and fitness goals you will work hard to achieve.

Offers a flexible Schedule

Do what works for you! You can meet with a personal trainer at the gym twice a week or fill in with a virtual session. Flexibility, combined with that extra push, helps people reach their goals.

Custom Fitness Personal Training Sessions & Prices

Stretchology Single Session

$25  1 Person Virtual Single
$35  2 People Virtual Single
$45  3+ People Virtual Single

Stretchology Single Session

$40  1 Person In-Person
$50  2 People In-Person
$60  3+ People In-Person

1 on 1 Bundle Session Classes/Services

$50  Weekly | 2-3 App Session
$75  Bi-weekly | 2-3/wk App Session
$100  Montly | 2-3/wk App Session

Fitness Personal Training in Stretchology

Stretchology is my belief that we all need to practice an array of stretches so that our whole body gets engaged and challenged physically and mentally. Stretchology can aid with increased flexibility and range of motion, help prevent aches and pains, minimize injuries, improve performance, as well as relax and rejuvenate. A good stretch benefits the mind and body!

Clients can expect undivided attention towards personal stretching in every workout routine. Expect to feel tension, not pain.